Version 42


You’ve got great tape, but now what? At home in your one-bedroom-makeshift-recording-mixing studio, you’ve been staring at the same line in your script for the last hour. We get it. Independent production is hard, especially when you don’t have a team to dig into the details and give feedback on how your story could be tighter, your narrative more on point, your music less (or more) leading. So we created Version 42.


Version 42 is an open online hub for you to connect with other independent podcasters and creatives to review each others’ scripts, listen to segments and episodes, and provide the detailed feedback an editorial team would give – if, you know, you weren’t just you with a mic in your closet (we get that too).


The first cohort of Version 42 will be selected in mid-2018. Interested? Leave us your email and we'll be in touch.