Touched For The Very First Time: Part 2 - Season 2, Episode 10

Touched For The Very First Time – Part 2


First times are tough: they are sticky, and awkward, and for Asian American women in particular, guilt-ridden due to familial and cultural influences. In Part 2 of our special series on “Periods, Pussies, and Power: Asian American Woman & Our Sexuality”, in all its glory, stories about our first times, good and bad, embarrassing and scary, alone and with others.

“Periods, Pussies, and Power: Asian American Woman & Our Sexuality” is a 3-part series of stories from Asian American women about our sexuality in all its color, nuance, and embarrassing hilarity. We explore getting our period for the first time, losing our virginity, discovering masturbation, pursuing sexual pleasure, and through it all, find what it is we stand to gain in embracing our sexuality as Asian American Women.

Special thank yous and deep admiration go to Johnson Fung, Lynette Ferrer, Melissa Hadiyanto, Vicki So, who writes romance at, and Priyanka Wali, whom you can find at for a list of her stand up shows across San Francisco. Music credit goes to Kevin Macleod of Incompetech, Madonna, and Inner Circle.