Mine To Own: Part 3 - Season 2, Episode 11

Mine To Own – Part 3

A dominatrix, a romance novelist, and a new mom walk into a podcast episode… this episode! The final part of our 3-part series on “Periods, Pussies, and Power: Asian American Woman & Our Sexuality” and what happens when we assert ownership over our sexuality: we get to see and value our bodies in a totally new way, we get to dole out our own happiness and pleasure, we get to define what a woman’s sexuality is and who it is for. 

Periods, Pussies, and Power: Asian American Woman & Our Sexuality” is a 3-part series of stories from Asian American women about our sexuality in all its color, nuance, and embarrassing hilarity. We explore getting our period for the first time, losing our virginity, discovering masturbation, pursuing sexual pleasure, and through it all, find what it is we stand to gain in embracing our sexuality as Asian American Women.

Recognition thanks and gratitude go to Learkana Chong, Lucy Sweetkill, Mindy Hung, Valerie Francisco-Menchavez, Zed Meade at the Center for Research and Education on Sexuality at San Francisco State University, Kai Ling Chieh, Alison Lee, Marielle Magtibay, and Johnson Fung. Music credit goes to Kevin Macleod of Incompetech, Bruno Mars, 3 Doors Down, and Helen Reddy. Subscribe to Sample Space on iTunes or your podcast app of choice so that you don’t miss Season 3! 

Mindy Hung’s many books can be found at mindyhung.com. More of Learkana Chong’s writing can be found at lampshadeonherhead.blog.